Dog At Heart

At Dog At Heart, we only use reward-based and humane training techniques as we understand that dog training is a science that needs to be executed with compassion. We value teaching dogs the life skills they need to live successfully in our human world and empowering them with the ability to make choices, over traditionally harsh obedience training. Our dogs can indeed learn effectively through positive reinforcement and without physical punishment, or even the threat of it, no matter what issues they may have.




Rachel began her journey of training dogs while volunteering at SPCA Singapore since Nov 2016. Alongside a former full-time job in sound engineering, Rachel went to the SPCA every week to walk and train the many different shelter dogs there. With guidance from a reputable force-free trainer in Singapore, Rachel and a team of fellow Dog Mentors provided these shelter dogs with enrichment and worked with them on issues such as reactivity, leash pulling, and jumping up, as well as crate training, and measures for cooperative care like The Bucket Game and Muzzle Training.

Through their experience with shelter dogs, Rachel organically gained a passion for dog training and wanted to help more dogs and their owners. They then attended the Victoria Stilwell Academy’s in-person Dog Trainer Course, which she graduated from with distinction. During this time, Rachel also adopted a dog from SPCA Singapore and brought him over to Liverpool where she is now based in.

Rachel strongly believes in continuing education as dog training is indeed a science and an art that has to be kept up with to provide the best help possible to dog owners and their dogs.

Outside of training dogs, Rachel also occasionally trains cats and freelances as a sound engineer for a game audio company.



Dave, a typical Singaporean mongrel, was adopted from SPCA Singapore to Liverpool by Rachel in July 2019. Rachel had been Dave’s dog mentor since early 2017 and did not realise at the time that she would make the big leap into adopting him a couple of years later. She worked with him on his reactivity to other dogs, muzzle training, and crate training while he was at the shelter.

Dave is now 12 years old and he is a brilliant training partner and canine educator. He has an Advanced Trick Dog title from Do More With Your Dog, proving that yes you can teach old dog new tricks. With his soulful eyes and signature smirk, he also has quite the following on Instagram. You can check him out here!


Victoria Stilwell Academy

Dog Trainer Course
(Graduated with Distinction)
(Jan 2020)

Fear Free Pets

Certified Professional
Animal Trainer Program
(Mar 2020)

Fear Free Shelters

(Sep 2019)

Fear Free Pets

Elite Fear Free Certified Professional
(Since Feb 2022)

Control Unleashed

Certified Control Unleashed Instructor
(Since Mar 2021)


Advanced Animal Training
(Jun 2020)

Behavior Works

Living And Learning with Animals
(Sept 2021)

UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter

Charter Practitioner
(Since Jan 2021)

Shelter Playgroup Alliance

Developing and Implementing Shelter Enrichment Programs Workshops
(Jun 2020)

Shelter Playgroup Alliance

Shelter Behavior & Enrichment Virtual Conference
(Jul 2020)

Fenzi TEAM Titles

Cooperative Care Certificate Level 1
(Sep 2020)

Aggression in Dogs Conference 2020

Certificate of Attendance
(Oct 2020)

Aggressive Dog

Husbandry and Aggression – How To Navigate Blurred Lines Webinar
(Oct 2020)

Fear Free

Fear Free Nail Trims Course
(Oct 2020)

Conference Unleashed 2020

Certificate of Attendance
(Oct – Nov 2020)

Karen Pryor Academy

Train Your Cat
(Apr 2019)

Animal Centred Education/Canine Confidence

ACEing Reactivity
(Oct 2020)

The University of Edinburgh (Coursera)

Animal Behaviour and Welfare
(Aug 2017)

Aggression in Dogs

Master Course – Aggression in Dogs
(Aug 2021)

Conference Unleashed 2021

Certificate of Attendance
(Nov 2021)


Control Is An Illusion: Rethinking How We Teach Impulse Control
(Sept 2020)

Sarah Whitehead

Trainer & Behaviourist COVID-19 Certificate
(Jun 2020)