A deeper look into dogs, training, human rights and social justice. What do they all have to do with each other? You’ll find out through the conversations between Rachel and other amazing people in the dog industry on this show!

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#5 - Microaggressions

On this episode, Rachel discusses microaggressions and the harm they can cause by chipping away at people and making them feel othered. Learn about what microaggressions are, and what to do if you’ve been told that you’ve said something microaggressive. Listen to it here.

#4 - Hanna Fushihara (Nosework Cats)

Our guest for this episode is Hanna Fushihara, a dog trainer and cat nosework trainer with her businesses Hot Fuzz Dog Training and Nosework Cats. We’ll be learning about training cats, Hanna’s experience as a Japanese-American trainer, and building our own community in the industry. Listen to it here.

#3 - Dr. Mayuri Kerr (DoggEd)

This episode’s podcast guest is dog trainer Dr. Mayuri Kerr from DoggEd. We’ll be learning about street dogs in India, building confident puppies, and Dr. Kerr’s experience as an Indian person in the dog training industry and also in her other careers. Listen to it here.

#2 - Angelina McCaster (Teach A Dog To Fish)

Our first guest on the podcast is Angelina McCaster who has been a part of the rescue community for a few years and runs her dog training business Teach A Dog To Fish. We’ll be learning about their work and also their experience as a Black person in the dog training and rescue world. Listen to it here.

#1 - What are we woofing about on Out Of The Woofworks?

Welcome to the first episode of Out Of The Woofworks! In this episode we discuss:

What this podcast will be about, the background of Rachel Forday (The person behind Out of The Woofworks), why human rights and social justice issues are important when talking about dogs and animals, and hat to expect in future episode of this podcast. Listen to it here.