We specialise in working with reactive and fearful dogs. This means that as your trainer, I’m always focused on the issues you have and working on improving your relationship with your dog, while meeting both you and your dog’s needs.

Roadmap Out Of Reactivity

Are you struggling to take your dog on a nice walk because he barks and lunges on the leash? Do you wish your dog was a little calmer in general?

Reactivity can be a challenging issue to deal with and it be really emotionally overwhelming at times.

With the Roadmap Out Of Reactivity, we’ll provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to work on your dog’s triggers and fears, manage your dog and the environment when things get too much, even teach your dog to calm himself, and also work on building your own confidence. Through this process, you will soon start to be able to enjoy walks with your dog more and really enjoy the dog that you have, while helping your dog feel more comfortable and confident in this big world.

What clients have thought of the programme


Can I still do this programme if I’m outside of the UK?

Absolutely! We work with people all around the world on this programme and I do my best to accommodate the different time zones.

Is this programme for me if my dog is just really really excited to greet other dogs/people?

Yes it is! The things we work on in this programme will help your dog be more relaxed when out on walks and also be more engaged with you.