#14 – Uyen Nguyen (@jimmypinkpaws)

On this episode, we chat with Uyen Nguyen who is a guardian to Jimmy the pitbull (@jimmypinkpaws) and Muffin the one-eyed Kitty (@one.eyed.muffin). We hear about their adoption journey, how they delved into force free training, integrating Muffin with Jimmy, as well as Uyen’s experiences of racism as a Vietnamese American person.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Jimmy and Muffin’s adoption story.
  • Delving into force-free training from a pet guardian’s perspective.
  • Experiences of racism and its impact as a Vietnamese-American person.
  • Things we wish we could see change in the training and behaviour industry.

Follow Uyen, Jimmy, and Muffin here:

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